From feeling joy to being whimsical

At the beginning of this year (or rather at the end of last year) I decided that my word for the year was going to be “joy”. And, just how elected presidents usually reflect a reaction to the previous president, a word of the year most certainly reflects a pendulum swing away from the previous year. Last year was mentally tough. Thus, I wanted joy in this year.

I was determined to experience joy. Form follows function or function follows form. You name it, you feel it. I even created a purposeful vision board that reflected joy. On my board I had images of flowers, airplanes, and a little horoscope which said to avoid other people’s mini dramas.

Now that we are past the halfway point of the year, I felt a need to review my vision board and my word of the year. Sadly, I have occasionally gotten caught in other people’s dramas and as such I need to remind myself to walk away from those. There is no joy wading in other people’s puddles of muck. As my little niece likes to point out regarding things she doesn’t like “it’s yucky.” And, as I like to say during meetings “don’t yuck my yum.” Note to self remember to stay away from the drama.

As I think through the year thus far, I have certainly tried to strive for joy. I’ve travelled and had great new foods. I have started up my old exercise routines and am fit. I’ve had a chance to try bread pudding in numerous places and that brings me grand joy.

However. This year has not only been about joy. About feeling joy. I have turned this year partly about whimsy. Or rather acts of whimsy from puddle jumping to running down hallways singing a little diddy. And, I haven’t hidden those acts. As a matter of fact I put them on full display. Joy and whimsy can go hand in hand but need not be so. I have brought myself joy by being fanciful and silly and perhaps startling others with such a whimsical nature. I feel like a little kid who wants to stick her tongue in the freezer. As an adult, I do know better. But it doesn’t mean I won’t try some other silly thing. Be free. Find your joy.

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  1. Captain of Whimsy Now Leaving Walmart Dancing
    Wife Exclaims OMG those
    Young Men Just Saluted
    You Leader of the ‘Dead
    Poet’s Society’ of Dance
    Achieved Whimsy Sings..
    Yes as usual IT really
    Happens Now With
    Forrest Gump Grins..
    Feather Floating
    Rhymes Reason
    Wind Dances
    Sings Now
    Imagine a
    Trump Honestly
    Truth Victors Light
    Wisdom’s Beauty


  2. I love this post ! That was one of my resolutions this year honestly tp make it a great year despite the environmental things I cannot control and to look for things to find inte resting in everyday day and to do superfluous activities that make me laugh and feel like a kid again. Today my fiance and I are driving home from Virginia . We are sad to leave because this vacation was a great one. But we know reality is reality and we are adults that need to work lol . But to make our last night extra fun, I decided I would pretend that anyone walking down the stairs or in the hall, while we were packing the car, was a giant And I would take his hand and have him run with me. We were laughing so hard we cried. We did not drink or anything. We just wanted to be silly and laugh and it worked haha. Great post 🙂 I’m glad you too experienced joy and feelinf whimsical.


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