Don’t know why but I want a deluxe air fryer

Here is the deal. I don’t cook. I used to. Many moons ago. I was good. I could be good again. I know how to follow recipes, I’m curious, and I know how to garnish. I made really great curries, chowder, stews, and empanadas. Saucy foods were my thing. They still are. I just do takeout now. What I really like about take out, besides expediency and lack of dirty dishes in need of cleaning, is that I can get completely different entrees. When you cook, generally you have just one item you’ve cooked. It’s not like I’m going to make a chicken curry plus a lamb burger, with a side of pizza. That’s just not happening. With take-out, it most certainly can. Well, particularly, if in a nice big city such as New York. And, you can get it at 3am. Talk about heartburn. Yum.

I don’t cook. I think I have now established the benefits of that state of being. Or rather, non-state. Despite not cooking, I have some nice cooking items. See, I don’t even know what such a grouping is called. Now that I think about it, I suppose that would be cookware.

Despite my cooking non-state of being, I found myself shopping on Amazon for cookware. I specifically, really liked the deluxe air fryer that was on special. That last word being the key here. I really like sales.

Plus, this air fryer is a beautiful sea blue. And, that is my color for this year. Plus, it is so cute. It looks like a Doctor Who gadget. I expect a tardis to magically be in there. Another fantastic feature is that apparently I could make french fries and they would be healthy. An air fryer can reduce added fat by up to 80% – air frying eliminates the need for oil. Yes, I know I just quoted the marketing messaging. I get it. But it sounds good. Too good. I don’t think I will buy it. It sure looks pretty. But maybe I don’t need pretty cookware considering I rarely eat at home. Whew! I walked myself back from the shopping vortex. Onwards, to the next shiny object.

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