Signs of the times: No cash from your underwear

I love collecting photographs, both mine and that of others, of wacky signs. I used to collect wacky news stories, as well, but it’s been a bit much these days. Tell me, what isn’t wacky in our everyday lives. I think many people have heard of the ice cream hot dog sandwich. I need not belabor that point. Pumpkin spice lattes are hitting our tummies soon. That’s not wacky. It’s just a sign of the times. Everything is moving at warp speed. You just have to figure out whether you will buckle in or not.

As I try to think of witty, pithy stories to share I thought I’d share a few signs to catch us up on our funny and, at times, wacky society. What are we to do with these messages? For sure, it would be wise to not try to pay with money hidden inside your underwear. I’m a bit afraid to dig deeper into that photographed sign to find out what precipitated it. How many times does something have to happen before you put up a sign about it. Once? Five times? 100?

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