We’re off to see one of the many wizards of oz: One alternate universe after the other

I’m not going to go off on a tangent here or there. Or take a full paragrapgh or two to get to the main point. It’s a new week and I need some sleep and need to put this to bed. Here we go. For the last few years I have been singing “we’re off to see the wizard…” and you know how the rest of the ditty goes. Or I so presume.

I feel like there was once upon a time (maybe four score and seven years ago) true leadership. That individuals who can command true respect that has been earned used to exist. But these days it feels like the emperor wears no clothes. Or that you are to pay no mind to the main behind the curtain. The flying monkeys have gine insane yet they are the worker bees. I’m mixing all sorts of metaphors here. And why not? We can invent a new word every two seconds. Thus, we might as well go for all sorts of new word combinations. For the record, I mightily relish in making up new words. As a matter of fact, I was quite disappointed to find out that a word I thought I had invented was already a legitimate word. Everyone in my orbit had thought I had indeed made up that word. I suppose the world is wackier than I had believed.

Now, this bit is not about national leadership. This is about leadership in our everyday lives. At the factory. At the university. At the hospital. At the stock exchange floor. Everywhere. Everyone I know, notes how no leader is truly a leader. That expertise is dead. That inspiration is a thing you get from a television show.

This overall state of affairs saddens me. How did we get here? Better yet, how do we get out? We can certainly try to hold people accountable. But that assumes people care. We can maybe shock people as in the Milgram experiment. But that’s a bit unethical. We can continue to work on ourselves. But sometimes we are tired and/or lazy. I sound rather glum. How about this? We can change things for the better. We just need to really want it, work for it, and maintain it. I’m tired of being in the land of oz.

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  1. Hehe Well.. Since You asked there are two
    Things one will Do when Living in Oz either
    Go Back Home to Kansas at the Farm
    or Stay in Rome
    and Do as
    the Romans
    do Before a
    Mighty Soft
    Fall in Chaos
    even more than ever
    before as everyone goes
    in a different direction of Gold
    Fish Science Assessed more Attention
    than average Human Beings these days..
    it’s just Great
    that we hmm..
    most Folks know
    who the Wizard of
    Oz even is but what
    about ‘Yesterday’ and
    the Beatles how long
    will it be before both
    Jesus and John Lennon
    who both believed that all You
    need is Love are totally forgotten/lost
    like a Stone Statue in the Burial Grounds
    of a Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band..
    don’t tell anyone
    it’s a Secret
    but the Bust
    of that Law Enforcement
    Looking Dude with the Long
    Head is really me hehe.. and i was only
    7 Years Old back then.. in ’67.. not sure
    how old the Stone Bust is likely older than
    my Birthdate of 6.6.60.. Human Beings are Evolved
    to live in Groups of no more than around 150 to 200 sets
    of Well Acquainted Eyes And Hands And Feet to Work Together
    in Social Empathic Cognition of Moving Connecting and Co-Creating
    to gain Subsistence with a Free Dance And Song of Life under the Moon
    Lit Campfire Full Moon Night to Survive and Thrive in a Dance And Song of
    UniSoN Bond and Bind in Common Cultural Ways of Meaning and Purpose Holy
    And Sacred Essence of MaKinG A LiVinG in Truth in Light more than Dark oF Lies..
    It’s a Trade-off
    Wash Rinse Dry
    Cycle of Washing and
    Drying Machines for Human
    Souls that Move Connect and
    Co-Create for Real for Happiness now..
    Either Home in Kansas or Flying Well beyond
    the Traditions held strong ToGeTHeR beFoRE..
    There is something Wild away from Domestication
    where the Adventure is All We Need not know what Will Happen
    Next what may ReMaiN IS A Constant of An Eternal Now Free As Us
    Personal Agency Regulating Emotions and Integrating Senses Within
    Greater for Real.. Deep Personal Satisfaction always now most always
    i’m off to
    be a Real
    Wizard of OZ hAha..;)


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