Stay stickie and don’t let an illusion kill you: Spiderman Far From Home rocked

Finally! Finally a movie I really enjoyed this year. Most of the other films I have watched so far this year have been rather ho-hum. I enjoyed Avengers Endgame because it represented the culmination of a decade’s worth of build up. But it was a bit long. Spiderman: Far From Home picks up from where Endgame left off (8 months later) and goes off on its own with heart and humor.

Peter Parker just wants to be a normal teenager. Who doesn’t? But especially who doesn’t when they’ve died, came back, and lost their mentor? There’s a lot of trauma. The movie addresses the trauma in a funny but heart-warming way. We can’t forget that Peter also only has Aunt May. He’s a kid who had lost much early on. But unlike Batman, he’s still willing to believe in people. It could have been his downfall. But he overcomes the big bad (and lives up to Stark’s expectations) by believing in his Peter tingle- or rather, his spidey sense. There’s a good take-home message here. And, it’s a fast-moving pace.

The other take-home is to not fall for an illusion. Fake sets, lies, and misdirection can set you up for failure. And, these illusions are everywhere. Even in the second extra post-credit scene. Yes, there are two extra scenes! And, each is important in its own way. And, both allude to illusions and manipulation and will impact the next sequel.

In the end, I love that not only does he emerge as a Superhero but he also gets to be a kid.

It was funny. It was poignant. It was the next step.

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