Why is this the year of my empty fortune cookie?

As a writer of small daily posts, you tend to know which are your evergreens. Those posts that year after year do really well. You also might know which are the ones that were extremely unimpressive. It happens. It happens to everyone. Then you have the ones that get a weird second life out of nowhere. Nowhere, partly because I haven’t bothered to investigate. It’s more fun conjecturing.

The past three months or so, a rather old bit I wrote has taken off. Well, it’s not that old in the grand scheme of things. It is from two years back. I had written about an empty fortune cookie I had gotten. Many around the web, note it is a sign of good luck. But I am not necessarily convinced of that. I do believe it is a sign that things will change. A few months back a man claims that he got his winning lotto ticket numbers from a fortune cookie. An empty fortune cookie would seem rather more ominous. But that is besides the point for this piece.

At this point in time, one can wonder why a post about an empty fortune cookie would be taking flight. There may be grand fear as to what the future holds. It may be that people are looking for signs of what is to come. It could be that there is a surge in empty fortune cookies out there. Some machine may be malfunctioning. Something is probably off. I’m not too sure what a non-empty cookie would do to help. But I may need to order some chinese food tonight and see what the future may hold.

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  2. SMiLeS An Empty Fortune
    Cookie IS A ‘Perfect’
    Opportunity to Create
    aN OWn Effortless ForTune oF Flow
    Hehe Why WaiT oN A Cookie to Do It for Us
    Or any other
    iN A
    BooK WitH
    SMiLes oF NeW Ado
    MaGiC CaRPeT RugS UNFoLD..:)


  3. Don’t think I’ve ever had an empty. In almost 70 years, that’s impressive. I thought they were failproof – but nothing is.
    I’ve had doubles, which are usually different. Don’t think I’ve ever gotten the same fortune twice in the same cookie.
    But I don’t know when I’ll get Chinese food again (what they produce at this retirement community would not get you lauds in China). Since we get dinner every night, it’s not often that we even get out to look for something else.
    Maybe we should order takeout – and join the real world.


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