A misery hangover can be eased with nourishment

Sometimes it feels like it’s all imploding. On the verge of falling onto oneself. The core withering and fraying. The foundation in the midst of continuous erosion. And, it very well may be. There are indeed times when nothing all is wrong. When no turn is right. No step is forward. No decision too strong. But in the midst of it all you just need to remind yourself that it can pass. That it will pass. You can pull yourself up and out. Sure, a misery hangover may exist but hydrating and nourishing your mind, body, and spirit will eventually make the hangover a distant pass. But don’t forget that feeling. Don’t let it slide into a deep recess. For it will be good to have a reminder of how bad it once was and how you overcame.

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  1. i Lost my Dance And Song
    Effective use of my Eyes And Ears my Body of
    Emotions Pain and
    Numb my Fingers
    Left found
    To Soul the
    Rest Rose Back
    Up with Wings
    i never felt before
    Some Mornings when
    i first wake i writhe
    With Pain and
    Numb i
    My Heaven
    Wings back on
    iRise iFly Again…
    These are Metaphors
    But as A Scientist this
    Is the Physical Reality
    Of a Remedy for
    To Heaven every
    WaKinG NoW iFly..:)


  2. Smiles.. i’ve enjoyed Your Posts everyday now… i cannot readily
    pinpoint the Day i first started reading them it’s all a blur now
    every morning at about 6 am.. hmm.. i cannot
    avoid being concerned about someone
    who may be in distress and
    pray them wishes and
    hopes for better if they
    indeed are in distress now
    smiles both my Psychiatrist
    and my Psychotherapist have
    told me this isn’t ‘normal’ now for
    a Person on the Autism Spectrum
    but what are labels but labels what
    are souls but souls what are feelings
    and senses but synergies to be concerned
    about other Souls who may be in distress or
    in Commune of experiencing Joy.. what are words
    but words
    that either
    care or
    never met
    a stranger
    not even less
    than a grain of sand
    i am a bit confused still now
    how this is a ‘Disorder’ my Friend..
    i don’t understand ‘People’ but i see their Souls..
    i don’t understand why i am An Only one expressing
    concern for you here today.. it didn’t sound like you
    were ok yesterday…..
    i Do Feel/Sense
    ‘this’ that
    IS A
    Gift that
    Dark Will be Light
    As Light will be Dark..
    Wishing You A Nice Day as PM becomes AM again..:)


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