Dreams were so fruity delicious

She stopped and looked at the marquee. She did so everyday. She longed. She pined to have her name up there. She could taste it. Dreams were so fruity. Nightmares were so salty. She knew she could have it all. She just had to dream it and live it. She also had to shove all the haters to the side.

She took a photo. Her 20th day in a row in which she had done so. She did it as a daily affirmation. As a motivational strategy. She was always so wrapped up in those photographs. They elevated her spirit and it tasted delicious. She knew it would happen.

And, it sure did. Her name was up there six months later. It just was not the manner in which she had envisioned it to come about. No one had. People stopped and took photos of the marquee while wiping away tears. Her mom had indeed been right to be careful what you wish for. If only she hadn’t rubbed that lamp so hard. If only…

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