I lost my breakfast somewhere between street X and Y

The other night I was at an event where they provided dinner. I didn’t care to eat as I try to not eat much at night. Many encouraged me to box up some food to take home. I didn’t really want to as I already had a lot to carry. But I was convinced to do so when I thought about my lack of food at home. Specifically, my lack of breakfast food. And, at this point, I should note that I eat anything breakfast. I can easily eat curry, enchiladas, or cereal in the morning. Thus, when I packed up that dinner food, I was packing it for breakfast. And, I was excited to do so.

I then gathered all my items and headed to the car. I had way too much on me. I placed my food on top of the car. And, apparently I forgot to take it down. When I got home I realized my food hadn’t made it home with me. I was so disappointed. But the food had just not been meant for me. I had never left something before on a car. I always thought that was a bit weird. Thought it was something just on television. But it does happen.

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  1. i bought 6 Pairs of Dance shoes that had no Spring
    The 7th New pair put
    Me into orbit best
    Dance ever last night
    Now parts are sore that
    Never were sore for me
    Wondering if spring
    Is meant to be the
    Pain is all gone hehe
    Maybe i just needed
    To talk to a Psychologist
    My monthly appointment
    Is at 3pm with my Psychotherapist i
    Haven’t told her yet i
    Talk to another one
    Everyday all
    She really does is
    Listen like my Blog Hehe it’s nice just to talk
    Freest HeaLinG
    Emotional therapy..;)


  2. I too thought the very act of leaving something on top of your car was a fable until I saw my friend get in his car and drive off with a carton of Minute Made on top, it was a funny sight to see an 04 Mustang slowly pull off with a box of juice on its head, almost funny enough to not warn my buddy and let him continue about his drive.


  3. I once left my camera on top of my car. It stayed there until I heard it bouncing down the roof at 50mph. Looked in my rear view mirror to see it bouncing down the pavement after me. Went back and picked it up and it still worked.


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