An amazing productive day despite it all

Sometimes, some days are meant to be bad. They start off rotten or hard or in fog. Such a start can just set one back in a number of ways. And, one’s commitment to the day is hard to commit to. But when you do make it through such a day, boy does it feel good. I had such a day last week.

I woke up and my sinuses hurt. I woke up and looked at my calendar and knew it was going to be a long day. I also realized I had put off some errands that just needed to be done. And, for better or worse, I was determined that was the day to complete those long-put off errands.

Thus, before the work day started I worked out and had drank two large cups of coffee. That part was my usual. I hurredly got ready and headed out to get my medication refills. There was a slight snag as they had entered my birthdate wrong and thus my insurance wasn’t allowing the refill to be processed. I waited it out and eventually it was filled. Whew!

Then, I went to get an x-ray done that my doctor had ordered two months earlier. I went to the diagnostic imaging center right below the pharmacy and signed in. And, although this was the place affiliated with my medical provider they advised me that they didn’t take my insurance. I had to go three miles away or so. I got into the elevator but I went in the wrong direction. See, I was on the second floor but apparently I had to go up, instead of down, to go to the lobby. Go figure. I eventually made my way off from the second floor. I hit my uber button and headed to the other place for an x-ray.

With x-rays done, I made my way back to where I had previously been and walked over to an early morning community meeting. Then, a slew of urgent phone calls from work. I was starving. I shoved a cookie in my mouth right as a famous person came on in. I ate my cookie quickly and introduced myself to the famous person. Took a photo despite my lack of high heels. I always have heels in my bag and that morning, they were no where to be found. Didn’t look my best but I gave the photograph my all. Then I had to run to work. Whew!

Tackled a number of problems and grabbed some fast food. I ate! That is rare for me. And, laughingly there was a very large diet coke and a teeny diet coke to celebrate.

Then, I finished three documents and answered a number of emails. I rushed back home and vacuumed, dusted, and ran the dishwasher. I felt good. The day had started off ominously but I had accomplished much. Such a feeling is quite euphoric. I was especially impressed that I had persevered in getting my x-ray done. It had been on my to-do list for two months. Many people recommend moving such items off a to-do list after a few weeks since it would appear it was not to be. But, I did it. Can’t always listen to all those life gurus. You do you.

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  1. ‘You Do You’ One of
    My Favorites such a
    Cosmopolitan Philosophy
    Of Life my Sister is
    Diagnosed With
    Asperger’s Syndrome
    too.. she says i
    Nerdblast Strangers
    too much when my
    Wife overhears Audience
    Comments when i Public
    Dance like the 242LB
    Ballet Dude is tripping
    On Drugs little
    Do they
    Know next
    They are gonna
    Get a 5 Minute
    Monologue that
    Feels like a Hundred
    Years of Facts on the
    Health and Spiritual
    Benefits of the Fountain
    Of Youth Moving
    Brings as they
    Give in and
    Say do
    And Do You
    As yes they
    Get a Load
    Of me Hehe..
    So Glad Asperger’s
    Is Genetic my Sister
    Gets me and she is
    So smart with two
    Master’s Degrees as
    She had to get
    3 Degrees too..
    And even
    Beat me.. hehe..
    She is a Big time
    Bird Watcher she
    Can name them all
    And she has a Camera
    With a Shot Gun Lens..
    i think it’s great that
    People like me and
    Her exist if
    They don’t
    Like it
    They don’t
    Have to do Us.. Hehe..;)


  2. Every day must be wrestled away from disaster and the end of all things. Every day I try to get more words into the novel-in-progress. Every day ends, and there is a new one to try again.

    Congratulations on your successful wrestling match.

    I’m not quite sure what keeps me trying, but I’m glad it’s there. I’d be very fat and uncomfortable if I sat around and ate bonbons (and who would bring them to me?). And I wouldn’t have the first novel in a trilogy I still love on a shelf downstairs in the community library. I’m not made for sitting around.


  3. Yep, I know those days that start of crap and just get worse, like they’re a total write-off and you hope the next day is better. I’m glad you had a day last week to get plenty done, and it certainly sounds like you did with the X-rays, meetings, documents, cleaning, and eating – woohooo! You’re right, you have to do whatever works for you and I also get that sense of relief and achievement when something’s ticked off the to-do list, especially when it’s been there forever & it drives you nuts every time you think how you haven’t done it yet!
    I hope this week ahead is filled with better days too 🙂
    Caz xx


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