Sure, I’ve been pooped on by a pigeon

It is the beginning of the week and with that comes many possibilities. Both good and bad. Both temporary and permanent. Both immediate and the long-game. Sure many people get depressed on Mondays as evidenced by all the depressing “Monday” songs out there. But Monday is not the most depressing day of the week. That distinction belongs to Wednesday.  Maybe that is why Wednesdays are chock full of meetings. Meaningless ones to boot. I have to be honest with you all. I don’t even know why I got focused on this topic. It is not what I wanted to talk about today.


I actually have no road map for today. I do tend to be very stream of consciousness and today is no exception. As a matter of fact it may be heightened. As I have been trying to get into a full swing of summer mindset (it feels like summer is almost already over) I started re-watching Sex and The City -more on that at a later date- and I took  quiz to see how much I am truly a New Yorker. Turns out, as per my Facebook quiz, I am a hard-core New Yorker. Well, I could have told you that.  I suppose I was looking for validation. One of the quiz items inquired as to how often you have been pigeon-pooped on.  Well, sadly, it has been more than once. I would say probably five to seven times. Could be more but perhaps I have blocked it out.


Pigeon poop is as dreadful as you can imagine. You walk around with an “ick” feeling all day. Yet, it can also make you laugh.  You have to laugh. You can’t cry about it.  What would be the point? Pigeons are a fact of life in New York.  As are rats. And I rather be pigeon-pooped on than run across a rat. Well, rephrase that. I don’t want a rat remotely touching anything of mine. Pigeon poop is a badge of honor, in a weird, NY curmudgeon way. No matter how much you speedwalk, poop will find its way onto your shoulder (if just that). Things could be worse. And that, in the end, is what pigeon poop represents to me.  Its icky and bad, but there are worse things in life. Such as rats. Now how is that for a beginning of the week, motivational thought?



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