What’s the point of a flask anymore?

I have a silly question for it has been a silly week. And as such one must keep the silliness going. If you don’t you’ll sit and think and get depressed by all the unsilly silliness. This makes sense. Right? Silly is as silly does. Life is a box of silly putty.

Well, here goes my silly question. What’s the point of a flask anymore? I saw some recently in a souvenir store and wondered why would one buy any of them? What are you going to put in a flask that you can’t put in your morning coffee? It’s not like you are going to walk around with a flask filled with whiskey.

Many, many years ago, I did have such a boss. I was right out of college and silly me wondered what was in her flask. Then one day it hit me. I think it was the same day I caught her smoking in her office. Lightbulbs went off all around me. I didn’t pass judgment. That’s not who I am. I just wondered what type of support she had around her. Right after that discovery I went to New Orleans and bought a flask. But till this day, I never used it. Not even for water. It remains in my bookcase with other knick knacks.

Just this week, a colleague was takking about how they used to tape record songs off the radio. And, they mentioned how’d they use paper to cover the slots on the cassette tapes in order to record over something. I truly had no idea what they were talking about. But it got me thinking about things that go obsolete, including flasks. How we repurpose versus outright get rid of things says a lot about society and ourselves at a granular level. I try to repurpose items at home. However, I still haven’t found a repurpose for my flask. I’ll take suggestions.

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  1. OMG.. some days your stories inspire stories first of all I suggest Honey in
    The Flask makes the
    Medicine of reality
    Go down easier
    Oh Gosh
    Is the Remedy
    For the Insanity
    Of Modern Culture
    Too.. i am raised in
    The Bible Belt of Trump
    Town even though i
    Had Supernormal
    Strength Hidden by
    A ‘Peabody’ Exterior
    The Trump Christian
    Onward Marching Toy
    Soldier Boys said i
    Was a Girl as
    SMiLes were not
    Allowed for Boys in
    The Deep South Gulf
    Coast Beer Belly
    Bible Belt.. this
    Continued all
    The way through
    Work for the Military
    As SMiLes Grew Bigger
    As Well as Supernormal
    Strength as Love and
    Grace eliminates Fear
    The Root of all
    Weakness when
    i retired and no
    Longer could be
    Fired for Being too
    Nice i decided to give
    Them what they wanted
    A Photo of me in a
    Red Shirt with
    My underwear on
    Hehe posing seductively
    Like Marilyn Fred Monroe
    In the Doorway then to my Bedroom as then i was Financially Independent i could even Fulfill my Dream of Becoming a Male Stripper the silliest
    Thing a 53 Year Old
    Nerd could possibly
    Do.. it Backfired
    My Psychotherapist
    Googled me found
    The Photo And
    Said it was sexy
    And probably
    Would make younger
    Women get a Crush
    On me i did my best
    To explain to her that
    No.. men look at
    Photos and Women
    Feel Heartfelt
    Sincere Words
    Most that day
    i Learned my
    Was more of a
    Visual thinker
    And she told me
    She doesn’t like
    Poetry as usual
    It was just another
    Day to be a Scientist
    Still Fascinated
    By the Human
    Condition it’s
    Not often i
    Am Fooled
    As Non-Verbal
    Children Watch
    And Really Listen..:)

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  2. I am totally bemused by the idea that you wouldn’t walk around with a flask filled with whisky. Why not?

    You might not like whisky, which is fair enough, but clearly there are people who do and they can’t really carry it in a paper bag can they?


  3. Actually, my last job I worked on such a place, yes, of the thousands of items we carried one was the many varieties of flasks, we had expensive flask, middle range flask, and cheap flasks, on the old days it was like a coming of age present when you reach adulthood, and will be engraved with your initials, also they are gifted on special occasions, and also engraved to celebrate the occasions, along with beer mugs, properly named a tankard, usually made out of pewter, porcelain, glass. and even silver.

    You will be surprised how many people buy them, and even collect them. 🙂


  4. Great blog. I try to reuse or repurpose anything I can but a flask is tricky. It would make a nice bubble bath container if you want to get fancy in the bathroom. I so get the cassette tape thing – I laughed when I read that, long forgotten good memories. lol


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