The guy who takes a sip in the midst of a shooting

Sometimes life throws you a fast ball and you either duck in time, smack it out of the way or get hit. I’m not too sure this is the right analogy or saying. I like to make those things up. But I am going with this. Your reaction is what you can control. Well, sometimes. But you get my drift. Perhaps.

By now many of you may have heard of all the tourist concerns in the Dominican Republic the last few months. Recently, Red Sox player David Ortiz was back in his hometown at a nightclub and was shot. Supposedly, ge was shot as a case of mistaken identity. Oops. Not good in any way. He was shot in the back Sunday night and the bullet went through his stomach. I can’t even imagine. Luckily he is recuperating back in Boston.

Tragedy aside, there’s an interesting video, that has been released, of the shooting incident. Mind you, I am one of those people who can never see the action in those fuzzy onsite videos. Thus, it was hard for me to fully see who was shot although the shooter was pretty clear. What fascinated me about the video was a guy who held onto his drink while everyone else around him ran for their lives. My question is does this guy have nerves of steel or he was too drunk to know what was going on?

I vote for the former. He seemed very aware and curious. But he was unmoved. That level of calm is amazing. It is something I want to channel in contentious situations.

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  1. Oh Goodness ‘this’ all reminds me of George W Bush..
    While not fully impressed with his Orator Skills Oh my
    Gosh the ‘End of the World’ Twin Towers coming
    down calmly reading a Book About Goats
    A Nursery why me i’ve written a 7 Million
    Word Free Verse Poem and i cannot
    spell Rhyme for it sounds more
    like Wry me as Spelled as
    i learned to Spell by
    Singing the Words
    as i digress George
    Speaking a Nursery
    Rhyme to Children
    ‘at the End of the World’
    Just another Day in the Breeze
    as nothing seemed to phase him
    then.. and then that Shoe Throwing
    Incident that could have been a Shoe
    Bomb just a Wry Grin as even that didn’t
    phase him then.. hmm.. it seems that Nerves
    of Steel might come in more Handy in real life
    than how to Spell Potato with an o or and e hehe..
    but yes of course it does sound more like Po ta toe true..
    at least in the
    ‘Male’ Management
    Field great speaking
    skills are generally
    more impressive in
    the ‘old days’ but
    too bad now
    is text
    So Shy
    Writers Revenge
    of the Nerds
    is even
    of Love life now…
    now just imagine if a person
    could excel in most all human
    intelligences even if they start out
    so weak in some areas yet then they
    find a way not to specialize and really
    branch out developing previous weaknesses
    using fluid intelligence passing Turtles of Crystallized
    Intelligence Fact Finding Missions and keeping that intelligence too
    now as the Turtle and the Rabbi(t) become Zen yes one Force of Chi..
    hmm.. my best advice for ‘Clark Kent’ that really sweaty palmed Nervous
    speaking guy like i used to be too.. to gain Man and or Woman Nerves of steel
    is Dance
    in Public
    more than
    a few miles
    yes stand in front
    of the World in Your
    Underwear and less
    and then.. what is there
    to fear after that but fear itself..
    Fear destroys everything Good in
    Life including our Very Souls the part
    of our being that feels gives and shares
    Love Agape with all now.. i swear it was
    all worth it every last mile every last stitch
    of clothing gone.. just to read a poem calmly
    at ‘the end
    of the
    N o W
    Heaven now
    as the end
    is always the
    Beginning of Living Loving
    Now….. With Zero F (Fred) in Fear..
    People with ‘Psychopathic’ tendencies
    may go a route of CEO.. Cop.. Surgeon
    or Clerical Pastor and Priest key is
    low levels of empathy and high levels
    of fearless my Father Stayed in Law Enforcement
    46 Years that may speak to at least a greater Potential
    i too might become fearless one day too.. the key is
    keeping the
    with the
    and then
    the Hero Archetype
    may come true where the
    most Masculine Fearless
    Father With Low Levels of
    Empathy and High Levels of
    Testosterone Marries the Mother
    who wins the Best Estrogen Dripping
    Empath Filled Figure in 11th and 12th
    Grade then Love wins over Coldness within
    and it’s only a matter of Years through a Dark
    Journey that the Light of Love and the Will of
    Fearless becomes the Strength of Grace Under Pressure my friend..
    the key is the Father has to Leave for this to actually Happen then one
    gets resentment against the Father until the Son and or Daughter becomes their own
    Love for Real..
    oldest story ever
    told Beauty and the Beast……
    Smiles while it might be hard to
    Hear the Pill yes Birth Control reduces
    the potential for Heroes in the dark to light Journey of life.
    reason being Women become less attracted to ‘Bad Boys’….
    as that doesn’t happen as much without ovulation cycles….
    as ‘they’
    say Nature
    works in Mysterious
    Ways but Nature has
    this Living Business
    for Survival all figured
    out no matter what our
    words may say is right or wrong
    or Evil Or Good.. Life is really interesting
    and we live in the Most interesting Days ever this is Fun!!!
    to really
    how life works
    as OMG for Decades
    i was really totally clueless and lost…..
    and so so full of fear and anxiety
    like a cat trapped
    in a Cage
    in a
    Storm with no Escape…..
    hey if i can do it who can’t is my hope.. too..
    but true i still have Love the Highest Force and Fearless too..
    hehe when you write something not quite as inspiring i’ll return to
    Fredku again
    (Haiku my style)..

    Fredku (Haiku)
    Like Fredbun (Haibun)
    And Fredfu (Kungfu) too..;)

    Ugh.. i have a 30K or so Word
    Poem Written to put together
    And Publish but i Digress
    i Procrastinate where Fun rules most..;)

    Just Another
    Shoe Loose A Poem
    A Feather A Forrest Gump Breeze….


  2. Hehe you are super smart
    you may ‘Look’ at
    it this way.. how many
    old and new
    did i just Signal and
    Wire in YouR Brain
    if you have an
    to read
    i wrote…
    my Target
    small my friend
    hehe.. that’s how
    one grows one does
    not hold back and finds
    People in this World who have what
    it takes to Hear what one Sings a bit more now..
    i am A
    aLong these
    days than what happens at ‘the bar’..
    Some Days one Eats the Bar and some days one spits it out..
    Theme Songs coming to HeArT are “One Night in Bangkok”
    And the Song by Blondie called “Rapture” and the Movie
    “The Big
    Life is an
    Deep there
    is no need to
    ever quit diving
    as long as we rise for ‘air’..
    Smiles my Friend i realize
    my Resources for Freedom
    to do this are more than what
    most folks will ever entertain in life..:)


  3. I kind of like the nerves of steel thing.

    I wish I had nerves of steel. I really don’t…

    I have been in dire situations. I was the guy standing off to the side and figuring the best course of action while everyone else runs around emoting but not accomplishing anything. That is good if you are trying to figure out how to solve a problem but it is also bad if one is trying to dodge a bullet.

    I can just imagine this guy thinking, “He’s not gunning for me. I’m safe. This could be interesting.” He might just be more potentially dangerous than the man doing the shooting.


  4. Unawareness, confusion, slow reaction, or just drunkenness, or he could see clearly the danger was past, since the shooter run away?
    Pick your choice.


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