Some have front-row seats to your show just to hate

Some people note I am quite humble. And, I love pointing that out ironically. Others note I can be quite a diva. Sometimes I’m a humble diva. It’s called layers. Or not being one-dimensional. Either way, I tend to put on a show. I’m smart and don’t hide it. I’m opinionated and I’m good with that. I like to laugh. And, my laugh is quite loud. And, I’m good with it. Sometimes, people like to hear and be around my show. Sometimes, they prefer to put up an invisible wall. I’m amused by it all.

I don’t recall where (probably Facebook), I saw this quote about haters. You know those people who just love to be envious, jealous, distrustful, and all around mean-spirited. We all know at least one person like that. And, it is often these individuals who show up to “your show” just to see how you fail, flail, or bail. See, they get front row seats just to hate on you.

It’s such a sad state of being. I know, I myself, would not care to do such a thing or live such a life. Sit and applaud. If not possible, stand and move forward. Hate just serves to anchor you in a state of unease. Best to ignore those haters as well and just do your best you!

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  1. One of the speakers at my graduation told us to let our haters be our waiters. Figuratively speaking, that hate is an anchor as you mentioned. They will be left waiting for their next opportunity to judge and heckle, while we move forward in our lives.


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