One large onion ring

I recently started taking those Buzzfeed quizzes again. You know, the ones that tell you what kind of cheese you are or which Friends character you aremost like. I had been taking them with great abandon back in the day. Well a year ago. Then I got tired of being told I was havarti or that I was a tulip. But now I’m back to taking these quizzes since I needed to know which international city I should visit based on my food choices. Buzzfeed told me I should go to Florence. Been there. Done that. But I’d be happy to go back to Italy. Anyway, another Buzzfeed quiz noted that I am an adventurous eater (notwithstanding my shellfish allergy). And, I agreed with the results. Particularly as compared to many people I have met the past year.

With all that in mind, I decided to order a burger that came with onion rings. I know those are not particularly adventurous. I just haven’t had one in a rather long time. I’d almost forgotten how they taste.

To me, it was more symbolic in nature than a true culinary desire. It was a symbol of my adventures to come. Or rather, the adventures I hope WILL come. I want to get back on the travel road and find some new dishes to try. I want to gobble up new desserts and sip new liquid delights.

I was thrilled when the burger, with mushroom marmalade came with one large onion ring. It looked so pretty and easily digestible.

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  1. Oh Gosh.. Driving is so boring to me.. it puts to sleep and Keeps me from traveling much.. wanted to
    Go to Disney World so to
    Accommodate my issue
    i Become the Essence of
    A Magic Kingdom (Heaven) Ride Inside
    Of 11,566 Miles of Public
    Dance in 70 Months as
    The Look on the Children’s
    Faces as they jump up
    And Down or try to
    Copy my Dance from
    Afar in the Aisles
    Of the Grocery
    Store and
    And Mall
    And Barnes
    And Noble’s
    is Just like really
    Disney traveled
    Up to the Bible
    Belt of Northwest
    Florida Went
    Mouse lives
    And Bugs Bunny
    Too as some of them
    Wish their Parents
    Were more
    Like a
    Magic Kingdom
    Too.. i cannot Travel
    Even in Planes now
    As Oh Lord my Services
    Are needed here most..;)


  2. I adore onion rings. But i have to tell you that our son , who worked for several years with a political consultancy told me that the results of those quizzes go directly to the data scientists at firms like the one he used to work for. Firms like Cambridge Analytica!


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