This movie is going all over the place: Dark Phoenix

“Bored now”…one of my favotite lines from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. And, it perfectly encapsulates how I felt watching X Men: Dark Phoenix. Bored, for sure and, at best. Actually, this was not just how I felt but also how my son felt. About an hour into the movie, he turned to me and said “this movie is going all over the place”. Then 20 minutes later, he repeated that statement. I could only look at him and shake my head. I suppose I could have answered him considering there were like five other people in the audience. But I still try my best to be quiet in the movie theater.

The movie was bland. Not dark. I expected fury and darkness. She was more like a robot who supposedly was all over the place emotionally but you wouldn’t know it.

I think this movie is symbolic of this year’s movie-going experience. I have caught 12 movies thus far this year and I have felt a bit underwhelmed by a majority of them. Ho hum. Ho hum. I had stopped going to the movies many years back and then I got jazzed about movies again. I thought such a feeling would last. Alas, it hasn’t. At least thus far this year. Perhaps Netflix is making me jaded. Although, there’s just too much Netflix out there. It seems like everyday a new series is premiering. Maybe we have reached maximum saturation point. Sigh. Here’s hoping the summer brings some fun flicks and turns this year around.

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  1. It’s True.. several times in ‘Pets 2’ i caught 40 winks
    Too.. Didn’t get sad and
    Cry till almost The Very end reached
    Out and touched.. hmm..
    The More Creative i
    Get the less i wanna
    Go to the Movies
    Yep.. rather
    Do my
    Now.. Just for Fun..
    No Fame No Fortune
    Just New Fashion Fun..:)


  2. Thanks for the heads-up. “Bored now” is the kiss of death to just about anything. I miss Willow (and Buffy).


  3. Ps: all the crappy reality shows and ‘sex sex, violence, faffy bit and then sex to fill the plot holes’ is like so old now, like older than like the reality TV stuff that so drags


  4. BoJack Horseman
    Watch into season 4 and damn you laugh, cry and doubt the mental health of the writers

    And a fun film franchise; John Wick
    Does not take itself too seriously and great fun, great action


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