You are often one decision away from a different life

This past weekend I skipped my college reunion. Not a startling decision considering I just am not into things like that. I stay in touch with the people I wish to. I suppose it could be nice to see how some people changed. But inevitably it’s almost always the same people who go to these gatherings.

While I wasn’t there I did look at many of the hundreds of photographs that were posted. It was nice to see people having such a great time reconnecting and reminiscing. But it also got me thinking of how life can take so many turns and different routes often depending on just one small decision. How I chose my college was random. My friends not so much as proximity seemed to play a large role in that. But I flipped a coin for my first post-doctoral job. Answering a particular phone call several moons ago led to a completely different outcome than what I had anticipated at that point in time.

We are often one decision away from a different life. We can’t always think through all options for every decision. Sometimes we have to take a leap of faith and see where life takes us. But even so we need to be mindful how even a small decision (i.e. where to eat, what dress to buy, what email to forward) can set up an alternate state of being.

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  1. I’ve always been the responsible one. My problem: I think things through all the way to the consequences, and don’t make the decisions I think will have bad ends.

    Now that I’m in a retirement community, I wonder if I shouldn’t have had more fun! But getting sick at 40 really limits your options, and, if they ever discover a cure, I may not be able to take advantage any more.

    I do pour an awful lot of that into my fiction.


  2. Speaking of forwarding Emails.. Revenge of the Nerds ‘inventing online’
    To Cull the Species…
    Too many Distractions
    For Actions.. Many
    Young Folks in
    Japan no longer
    Have any interest…
    Instant Gratification..
    ‘The Beautiful’
    Ones.. And James B.
    Calhoun’s Experiment
    Of Rat Utopia Extinction
    In the 60’s.. Hehe.. every
    Email Saving the
    From Humans Again
    Revenge of the Nerds/Incels.. if not ‘Us’ Not ‘Them’.. hmmm.. hehe…
    Nature gets all
    And Lonely
    Nights too without Hugs…


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