Pet Peeve: Yes, I turned it off

Every morning I do a song and dance with my hallway. I step out of my home into the hallway. I then step right back in. I run to the bathroom and note that indeed I had turned off the flat iron. I then run back out and lock the door. Then, my brain nags and nags me. I then unlock the door and run back in to the bathroom. Yes, the flat iron is still off. It didn’t magically turn itself on. Nor did I somehow not turn it off when I went to look at it previously. Seriously, this is problematic.

I do not want to do this dance. It’s no fun and I can’t think of a good soundtrack to accompany it. Although, I truly haven’t tried to find a song by which to do this little dance. I bet if I sat for 10 minutes and focused, I could come up with a song and choreography. But the dance itself has taken up too much of my time already.

With that said I’m peeved at myself for doing this. But everyone does it. We doubt ourselves even when things are set routines. We wonder if this time it is different; whether this is the one time we did forget. Then we scare ourselves. And, then we guilt ourselves. What if the whole block burns down as a result? We would never forgive ourselves. It is quite a mental-gymnastics process. We should really tap into our sense of self and remind ourselves of our routines. They exist for a reason. And, we are creatures of habits. With that said, I’ll still go and check to make sure.

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  1. i Am Back i Never Left Now
    SeRiouSly it may Sound Strange
    but wHere i am from as a Child
    When Riding my Bicycle Around
    my BLock i crossed my self with
    ‘The’ Sign of the Cross Yes obsessively
    compulsively for i feared if i did not i would
    surely go to Hell.. bottom line it didn’t work
    on the bottom of
    the Pyramid
    of That
    And now
    i no longer
    Cross myself
    with the Sign of
    The Cross i Am
    Back i Never Left Now
    That’s What i LEarned
    in Hell to STaY iN NoW..:)


  2. Here’s A solution: every day (or every time you plug the iron in), take a photo of the unplugged iron with your phone. It will be date-stamped. Never take the photo unless you have the plug next to the iron.


  3. I guess that dance, it’s part of losing short memory.
    But worry only, when you find you didn’t turned off!! 😦


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