She needed fun, mirth, and a perch

It was their dream home! Her dream home. It reminded her of a Dr. Seuss building. That was the type of wimsy she needed in her life.

She needed fun, mirth, and a perch. She didn’t really know what that meant. She just liked saying it. And, that made her laugh and giggle. She went up the stairs laughing inside her head. She was looking forward to the next few weeks. There was so much going on to keep her busy. She reached the door and could hear them runnung and laughing. She smiled and turned the knob. Then she stopped cold, turned and ran down the stairs and never looked back.

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  1. Given A Choice Now of
    News.. Reason or Fiction
    i Leave ThaT all Behind
    PerHaps With
    An F who
    AS Star
    DusT Sentient
    Standing Tall
    Pantheistic Gas..
    Resurrecting from
    Super Nova Crucible
    Fire Star Burst Flowering
    FLoWeRinG US Alive..:)


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