Run my baby, run but still crawl

I received a surprise phone call the other day. It was a surprise for three reasons. First, it was a surprise. Second, it was someone rather unexpected. Third, I picked up. I never pick up my phone. Well, let me correct that. I only pick up for my son. Everyone else needs to text me. Wait, let me correct that again. I pick up when the finance guy calls. They never email or text. And money is money. Need to pick that call up. Otherwise, everyone else needs to text me. If they can’t because they don’t have my cell phone number then that’s a hint. Email me.

Now, what have I done here? I had meant to write an inspirational post about my son. Instead, I was a bit snarky. Back to the call.

The individual awkwardly and immediately asked me about my son. Which, of course, brightens up all conversations. This person asked me if he was now nine years old. I giggled. I advised them that my son would be turning 11 this summer. Yikes! I felt a twinge of panic as I said this. My boy is growing up quickly and many people want to remind me of that on some regular basis. Facebook tries to remind me on a daily basis.

Sometimes it feels as if he is sprinting forward. I want him to run and develop into a successful, fully actualized being. But, I also need him to crawl for just a little bit more. I also need people to not age him so quickly. Life comes at us so fast but we can still slow it down just a little.

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  1. And as ‘Ferris Bueller’ Also Advises Slow Down to the Present Enjoy Now Whatever the
    Condition of
    The Condition
    Is Perhaps ‘The Big
    Lebowski’ and the ‘Dude’
    But never the less now all Saviors Of the present gift now i just accidentally
    Hit the Video Chat
    Button on Messenger
    i was so Happy my
    Great Friend didn’t
    Pick up as i
    Am still in
    Bed and afraid
    i had sleepy breath…
    A Best thing now about
    Being Married is you
    Are Loved no matter
    What Condition
    Your Condition
    Is in hehe
    As you might
    Guess my
    Wife always
    Has A Challenge.. hAha..;)


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