Don’t answer that call

More often than not my advice to anyone would be to not answer that phone call. I, myself, hate talking on the phone. It’s amazing that as a teenager I was constantly on the phone. Well, actually not really. I was on the phone until the age of 14 and then I stopped calling people. My life’s environment changed, you see. I was away at boarding school and we all lived with one another. Thereafter, I wrote letters, emails, and so on.

Now, despite my distaste for talking on the phone and my general avoidance of it, there have been some silly moments in my life where I answered the phone. See, I try to take a bath everyday. It’s a treat as well as a healthy being mechanism. And despite it being a time to decompress, I occasionally would answer the phone. Typically, when I did do it was either because the person was “important” or the person would provide useful gossip. Or rather, intelligence. But in thinking about it, I wonder how I thought it would be wise to pick up that phone call.

No intelligence is worth it. No person is that important that they cannot wait 30 minutes. You have to hold strong in terms of creating a “me” space. You are worth it.

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