Maybe I’m in the Twilight Zone

Some mornings you wake up wondering. Just wondering. You don’t know about what. But you are automatically wondering. You down a cup of coffee to wake up and hurry out into a sleepy world. That was me today. And, everything seemed topsy turvy.

I walked out of the house around 4:55am. While normally there are no cars out and about there were a few that I had to wait to pass. I then did my usual speed walk. Well, as speedy as I could be considering that my backpack weighed about 30 pounds. I stopped for a second to admire the moon. Then a female jogger ran past me. That was unusual. Then two separate women were walking their dogs. That was also unusual.

I got to the train station and the Starbucks was pitch dark. It was closed. That was way unusual. I tried the doors several times but they didn’t budge. I was sleepy and had a very long day ahead of. I shrugged and went onto the platform. There was no one there. No one. That was beyond unusual.

I looked around wondering why no one else wss here. It was just me and the bugs. And, they were on me like they were starving and had been invited to a feast.

That’s when I wondered whether I was in the Twilight zone. Everything had come full circle. I now knew what I was wondering about.

Twenty-eight minutes later the sky started to lighten up and there were other people around. But I still wondered.

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  1. Hehe.. Considering Neuroscience Shows We All Create our Realities as
    An Hallucination From
    Past Experiences
    At Best
    We Will
    Take Great
    Effort together
    To both Create
    And Decode
    We All
    Makes it easier
    To forgive than
    Black and White Colors..:)


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