Visiting a horseracing town off-season: Saratoga Springs was still a delight

I constantly travel to places during its off-season. There are great reasons to do so. There’s less people to contend with and that is quite a plus in my view. Supposedly, there’s a bit more authenticity in the air. I could argue the opposite of that but let’s stick with that original premise for now. And, things tend to be cheaper. That is also not always so but let’s go with it. Off-season travel also means you are less likely to gey work phone calls while on travel as there are more people in the office that can supposedly handle things. That too is questionable but that’s why I used the word supposedly.

A few weeks ago I travelled to Saratoga Springs- a horseracing town with a ton of springs and spas. It’s a small town that is a mega-tourist haven. Two colleges, a ton of eateries and many ways to relax and get riled up. It basically has something for everyone. While there, I caught a rowing race in the rain. Had a few great meals. Went on a nice hike. Bought a couple of fun knick knacks. But there was one big thing I didn’t do. I didn’t see a horserace. It was not the season. I missed it by a few weeks. I toured the outside premises but didn’t get a chance to go inside. That is a teeny tiny problem arising from going to Saratoga Springs off-season.

Everywhere I went there were reminders this is a horse town. Luckily, I got to enjoy everything else leaving room in my travel spirit to come back sometime and catch a horserace. That is in part the beauty of off-season travel. It leaves room for travel dessert. At some point it will be time to get back on the road.

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  1. Reminds me of Managing A Military Bowling Center And Serving Sanitized Shoes Close to Two Decades for Federal Employment
    meanwhile never
    Really Learning how
    To Bowl
    i Wing
    It All..
    One Day i’ll
    Learn to Dance
    And Sing too
    But i
    My Breath
    Or Legs Back Now..;)


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