My voice has found its own fountain of youth

I’m keeping it all short and simple today. My mind is a bit tired. My bones a bit achy. My wit a bit used up. I could certainly try to go on and on as some people tend to do in order to seem smart or just because they like hearing their own voice. I’m not so enamored of my voice. I can most certainly project it and make myself heard and understood. It can even be filled with passion for my advocacy issues. However, whenever I hear my voice on a recording, I sound like a little girl. My voice has found its own fountain of youth.

But let me move on. Now what was it I had come here for?

Recently, at a business meeting, several people stopped mid-sentence and stared at me. It is not an infrequent occurence. I sometimes say things just to be zany. I sometimes say things to rile people up. I sometimes say things to send a different message. I’m not going to deconstruct that. It all can be quite easy to do at times. Which gives me a good laugh or two.

They stopped and stared. And, that was my point. They had to understand someone is always watching. And, you should act accordingly. Meaning, act within reason and within the lines. That’s all.

I did notice, by the way, that as I laughed I sounded like a little girl. And evil little girl, perhaps. Oh, that fountain of youth.

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  1. Someone is always watching.

    And keeping records.

    There will be an accounting, and those in power will fall, painfully. We live in an era with no forgetting – those in power haven’t come to believe this yet.

    I hope it comes while I’m still alive to enjoy the Schadenfreude.


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