Bodexpress: Sometimes you just have to move forward

Sometimes you have sheer will and drive. Sometimes you take initiative no matter what. Sometimes you move forward regardless of lack of instructions and guidance. That is what Bodexpress did this past week. Well, some might say he threw everyone under a bus and just took the horse by his own reigns. Have you heard of him? He is the horse that lost the preakness but will probably be remembered over the winner which was War of Will. Which is ironic because Bodexpress had a lot of willpower. And, I bet he is a fun horse. He is that jokester in a crowd.

See, Bodexpress lost his jockey at the Preakness racehorse. He lost him at the gate. But Bodexpress didn’t hang around. He went right ahead with the race. He ran the track. There’s a bit of controversy as to what happened at the gate and possibly another horse gave him a fright or tried to psych him out. I’m not sure what will come out of any pending investigation. Nor do I think many will follow it it care.

What people will think about is how he went ahead despite it all. If it hasn’t been done already, this horse needs to be booked on a motivational tour. Then he really can turn his lemons into lemonade. I’d pay to hear him talk. I jest, of course. Perhaps. But there is a nice story here for kids. I shared it with my son snd he thought that horse was awesome and full of self-efficacy (my son used some Xbox terminology). I like Bodexpress. He charted and ran his own course. We can all feel inspired and think of him next time we are feeling rudderless or leaderless.

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  1. Not having a nagging jockey on board is an unfair advantage, regardless of whether you win.

    Horses HAVE initiative: many an injured rider has dropped the reins and been taken home (or at least to the stable) by said horse. But I think the horse just wanted to go home.


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