She had been many things at many points in time

The beauty of innocence cannot be underestimated. The love of a pony can be so pure and simple. Laughter and tears. She had learned so much 35 years into her life and there was so much more. Or so she hoped. She really hoped.

She sipped her lemonade as she did a reset on her life. She had indeed loved pink yet she hadn’t been fully aware of that. Her self-image was different. She had an ability to draw but it went away somewhere. She had fluttered to and fro. Why did it all have to go away and morph? She had been many things at many points in time. But it was now all blotted and worn. But two days from now it would all change again and she would roll with it. At least there was a photograph to remind her of each step.

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  1. There is the Artistic/Social Empathic/Spiritual Parts of our Being/Mind/Brain/Body/Heart/Spirit/Soul
    And then there is the ‘NeoCortical’ Past and Future Time and Distance And Space Generator
    of Predicting Future Problems Based on Past Experiences where the more complex
    The Environment comes for Solving these Time and Distance and Space Based
    Problems the Less the other ParT of our Being/Mind/Brain/Body/Heart/Spirit/Soul
    Is Used and then/now
    the Old Metaphors
    of Yin and Yang
    And Apollonian
    And Dionysian
    into Play
    As Eat Drink
    Be Merry and Play
    is replaced with Worry
    Worry Worry Worry and
    Just really a whole lot of Worry
    as the Colors all the Colors of Art
    are slowly drained from our Soul it’s not
    that this is just another Complex Poem it’s
    really as simple as Play or Child of Heaven Go Away..
    And on Top of that Scientific Studies do Show this is a Real
    And Empirically Assessed Problem of the Human Condition
    NoW aS in
    all stuff
    life all stuff
    Existence Use
    it or Lose it Does apply..
    i no longer have this issue now in
    my ‘Golden Age’ only the Hell i empathically
    View others still to be slowly boiling in not unlike
    A Frog who doesn’t realize he’s Trump long past
    And Arrives in Hell..
    where those who do
    relate to him now give due Thanks
    And Praise of Misery Loves Suffering in Hell…..
    but true those of us who have been there have
    sympathy.. for all the Demons and Devil…. too..
    for likely no one explained to them how to turn
    the Temperature
    too late….. now/then..
    it would be a big help
    if ‘they’ teach us how to not
    to go to Hell Now in School waiting
    for Lessons/Rewards/Punishments
    after a Dirt Nap is really no help…. and
    Just iMaGine What it would be like if School
    Taught Us How to Stay in Heaven NoW instead
    of no Lessons to even avoid Hell Now… hmm.. just hmm…
    i have a Dream
    i am
    A Dream
    A Welcome
    Mat is all the way out NoW..
    it’s a bit long but i am verily inspired
    always after living in Hell for 66 Months..
    where every second is only time forever
    in Hell now.. oh.. the other place without
    or space
    the Bliss the
    Nirvana Eternally now..
    won’t Y’all come out and play
    or at least Dance (Do Heaven)..
    It’s a bit like pin A Tale on A DonKey..
    For those without eyes and ears who
    Feel And Win this GaMe oF LovELiFENoW..
    So much more Refreshing than the old Stale ‘Game of Thrones’….
    Have you
    ever wondered
    why there are no
    Super Heroes who
    Dance and Sing as
    their Super Powers
    the answer is simple
    Misery Loves Company my Friend…..
    As Guns and Thorns
    Than Love and Flowers of Rose..
    or it could just be filling out Spread
    Sheets more than Poetry of Heart..:)


  2. Aren’t we all like your thoughts provoking title? Different facades in different phases. New hope and new light always come.


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