Turkey wings just were not my thing

I am an adventurous eater. I like eating different cuisines and trying new items. My adventurous side didn’t begin, however, until way into my late teen years. At that point I lived in Spain and had to eat new things by default. Although, at that time I was also a vegetarian with a limited repertoire in a country that loved pork. Further, I have a severe shellfish allergy. I had to make sure I stayed clear of the food and any paste paste products. But since that time I grew to love different foods. I take pride in my love of food and foods.

With that life context, I approached last night’s culinary experience with an open mind. We were out at a business dinner having a few good laughs. Then I decided to try turkey wings. I have never had that. Everyone told me they would be huge and I was intrigued.

Sure enough, when my plate arrived I was in shock as to the size of the meal. The so-called wings looked like chicken legs to me. I eagerly dug in to experience this new delight. Sadly, I was disappointed. It was not to my liking. Plus, I felt like it would put me in a sleep coma. And I was having too much fun and had work to do thereafter. But even with just a few bites, I became immensely sleepy. I had to stop pretty immediately. Luckily, I was not too hungry. I could have been super disappointed but I actually wasn’t even disappointed. I take back my earlier statement. Why? Because when you try new things they won’t always be to your liking. But at least you are so informed. I take pride in my informed opinions and as such trying new things just has to be part of my modus operandi. Thus, turkey wings were not my thing but at least I gave them a try. Onwards to the next adventure.

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