Pet peeve: Single spigot motion-activated faucets

I will keep this short today as I have a meeting to run back to. Not a thrilling meeting. In a way, I want to just take my time. However, I do not wish to dwell on something so inconsequential. I just want to get it out of my mind, off my fingertips, and onto a screen. To be fair to myself, there’s much that may seem inconsequential to many, but can rent a large space in one’s brain. This is not such a case.

As I used the restroom, I was reminded how annoying restrooms can be. Sometimes, they are not restful at all. There are too many people. There are people in a bathroom stall speaking on a cell phone. A full blown conversation. There are too few stalls and long lines. There are annoying faucets.

Now faucets are automatic and single spigot. Hot and cold water mixed. Meaning, I have no control over how hot the water is for me to wash my hands. I love hot water. Love it. Need it. Crave it. Well, not that latter part. Nonetheless, it annoys me to not have control over how I wash my hands. And, that’s all I had to share. Must run back to my meeting for which I need to hope that last round of coffee will work to keep me awake.

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  1. My Pet Peeve Now is not having a Cat.. lately when
    i See one i either Fall in
    Love or Weep.. i’m Glad
    i’m Sensitive like that
    As when i worked
    There was no
    Time for such
    Big Important to
    Do Lists And Deadlines
    Were God not Cats i See
    Life for lots of folks like
    That Now An Automated
    Toilet with no
    Manual Button
    That Won’t Flush…
    The Restrooms of
    Life used to be a
    Paradise away
    From Automation..
    Now the Sanctity of
    Life is Full Of
    Trump Stuff..
    It’s just the
    Craziest thing..:)


  2. I agree.And my other pet peeve is the automatic flushing toilets that flush the minute I shift your weight on them and splash my nether regions with water. And then when I get up and want them to flush they refuse to do it!!!


  3. I agree, public restrooms are so annoying. Those faucets…you have to wave your hand around under them to get a couple seconds of water, Then you have to wave your hand for the paper towels, too.


  4. Where I used to work the building manager would keep the hot water turned off to save money. Then they changed the manager and the new one liked having hot water.It was a significant improvement.


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