Rage, rage against the dying of the light

The sun is setting

But no sunrise may return

The candles are almost melted away

The overheads are flickering

Shattered lightbulbs break the skin

The neon lights are powering down

The match can’t be lit

It’s dampened and unresponsive

The beacon seeks no more

The light is going away

It’s going on a journey

To and fro, it’s dancing goodbye

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  1. Right before i read this
    A Brilliant Light was
    Shining through the
    Black-Out Curtain
    The Sun Was
    Burning the image
    Of A Heart into the
    Carpet i asked my Wife
    What the Photo looked
    Like that i took so Bright
    She Said it was A Dark
    Night and Full Moon i
    Turned on the TV and
    i saw A Father of
    All Lies Blowing
    Out The Birthday
    Torch of
    Off the Shore
    Of Where You
    Live in New York
    Immigrants Treated
    Like Roaches Huddled
    In Tents the Truth of
    Light Fading on the
    Eye of the Pyramid
    Even on the God
    Of the Dollar Bill
    Grinning Bishops
    Blaming Pedophiles
    On the Devil while 37
    Percent of the Church
    Is on the Fence of leaving
    The Doors.. Human Shadows All around
    The World are
    Out of the
    Word Work now
    Only if the Lion
    Of Heart Will Wake
    Up to put out the
    Lies With Truth
    Before the
    Glass of Lies
    Catches the Rug on
    Fire and Burns the
    Home of
    In the
    Full Moon Light..
    Suggested Songs for
    Your Poem the New Heavy Metal Version of “Sound of Silence”.. “Rage Against the Machine” After Neo
    Phones in His Message
    And “MacArthur’s Park”
    By Donna Summer.. i
    For one Feel
    Like Playing
    All three Songs
    Together on
    10 just to see
    What that inspires
    Next From a
    Coming out
    Of Full Moon Light..:)


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