What do you do when you get to nowhere?

I’ve had weird phrases running through my head all week. I have no idea why these phrases are popping in and out. Perhaps my brain is overloaded with too many points. If only I could have a full brain that could help me predict the lottery numbers. Alas, that is not the case. And probably so for the super majority of the world.

Now, on top of everything else I’ve got the phrase “bridge to nowhere” running through my head. I was just talking earlier today about serving as a bridge – an intermediary of sorts- between two very angry people who dislike one another. I don’t like being the go-between. Nor do I like being the bridger. If certain people don’t like each other, I am not too sure why we need to force the issue. Nor everyone has to be be be liked by everyone. Actually, that is just not possible.

With that said, bridges are inherently beautiful. At least to me. It is a nice concept and function to allow and help ease connections. Bridges have allowed for mobility and ways to see new perspectives and places. For those who are open to new experiences and seek adventures, a bridge is an amazing tool. And, of course I mean this all both literally and metaphorically. As a whole bridges make me happy and I like jumping on them to see if they, by any chance, can sway.

But here’s the thing. At times, apparently, there are bridges to nowhere. The question becomes do you still cross that bridge and what do you do when you get to nowhere?

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  1. “A Bridge to Nowhere”.. Wise Advice indeed.. “So let it be Written so Let it
    Be Done”.. Yes as ‘they’ say
    Be Careful How We “Concretize” our
    Wishes.. Yes Write
    Then Down For the
    UniVerse has ‘Funny’
    Ways of Granting our
    Wishes that may not
    Be so pleasant at all
    When we Arrive at
    A Destination we
    Thought we
    Really wanted
    But the Time and
    The Way the UniVerse
    Provides indeed ends up
    Taking us to Nowhere for
    Instance When John Lennon insisted that
    He and the Beatles Were
    Greater than Jesus and
    Even though “John 14:12”
    Gives Authority over
    “John 3:16” to do it
    Chances are if you
    Don’t learn from
    History and do it
    Any other way but
    Like a Ninja.. You
    Will end up Dead sooner
    Than You Wish as History
    Tends to Repeat itself.. yes
    As ‘they’ say be Careful for
    What You Wish For.. For there are some Bridges
    Granted where the
    Ultimate Destination
    Is indeed NoWhere
    Some Days it is
    Best to see Dreamy
    Roads for what they
    Are Dreams to
    As Only Dreams
    Meanwhile it’s okay
    To save the World just
    Make sure the “End
    Is not you or
    Who you Love Most
    Thanks for a Bridge
    Of the understanding
    Just another Time and
    Distance out of Space the
    Twilight Zone of
    Synchronicity indeed
    Dreamtime unleashed..;)


  2. fNot sure if I have the answer about what happens when you get to nowhere. But by your own words, bridges are beautiful. You are the bridge. Who cares if I go nowhere, it sounds like the scenery along the journey is kind of nice.
    Hope folks in your life don’t get you, or your bridge, stressed out. And if they start jumping on you to test how much stringiest the bridge can take, tell them to jump right over the side and enjoy the lake instead..


  3. Great post! I love bridges and also love what they represent..although not fond of bridging between two people they don’t line each other. That’s a tough one. Good luck😊

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