For how long do we commit to a spoiler-free zone?

Have you ever been told a secret in the workplace? Of course you have. Have you ever been told to not share a secret? Of course you have. Have you ever shared a someone else’s secret. I bet many have. It can be hard to keep things in a vault forever. A few days? Sure. A month? Sure. Well, for some perhaps. Anyway, workplace secrets are often not-so-secret. And, often many so-called secrets are actually widely-known secrets. But, of those secrets you commit to keep, is there ever an expiration date?

A few years ago, a social media app called Secret became a phenomenon. It allowed people to anonymously posts secrets. It tapped into a need for gossip and for a need to unload. I never went onto the site but I assume it was a bit like the Daily Mail for everyday folks. The app showcased a societal need to overshare and share things about other people.

This past month we have collectively tried to keep a major secret. Many have tried to not spoil the ending and plot twists of Avengers: Endgame. People begged for spoil-free zones. Most agreed to respect the spoil-free zone. Of course, all this non-spoiler hype is most assuredly a marketing ploy as well. I, myself, am one of those who begged people to not spoil the movie. Sadly, I did come across some spoilers. I came across them partly because I went onto Twitter and looked at what people were saying about Avengers: Endgame. Despite ostensibly not wanting to be spoiled I still put myself in a situation to be spoiled. Hmm.

Then there is my original question. Is there an expiration date? By when do we stop trying to not spoil? Is a weekend good enough? A week? Surely, a month is too long. Once you see the movie, it is only natural to want to share and discuss the plot points. By agreeing to not spoil we may very well be going against our nature -our natural inclination- to spoil.

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  1. Reminds me of a quote in a book from many years ago……”A secret shared between two people is only safe when one of them is dead.” A bit extreme, but probably true. 🙂


  2. I think a week after the release is long enough for the complete blackout, and after that you should just avoid spoiling major twists and reveals. In conversation, I think it’s best to warn people who haven’t seen it that they might want to step away before something gets spoiled for them. Since a scheduling mix up means that I won’t get to see the movie until Friday, I know I’ll be doing a LOT of stepping away this week…


  3. Hehe.. i went to
    See the ‘End Game’
    Yesterday it was no
    Easy Secret to
    Keep what the
    Line Spiraling
    Around the Building
    Was For so I just Danced
    And took Several
    Mini Naps in what
    Was a “10 Commandments”
    Size Effort i rather
    Reveal Secrets
    In Coded Poems
    Hehe.. only for those
    With Ears to
    See.. Keeps
    Me Honest
    With Some
    Measure of
    Truth in
    Light at Least..;)


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