Lemons contain more sugar than strawberries

I never really liked chocolate growing up. I was repeatedly told I should. School snacks, vending machines, and advertisements constantly said a kid should like chocolate. But I didn’t. It was “yucky”. I especially hated dark chocolate. Fast forward to now and I am actually eating dark chocolate blueberries. And, I am enjoying them. Go figure. Tastes change. People evolve. But this is not what I am here to write about. It’s just where my mind went first. That mind is a tricky, sneaky thing.

I have always, on the other hand, loved the sour taste. Lemon and limes have been my gastronomical friends. They make a coke drink taste delicious and pie is fabulous. I always thought of myself as a sugar fiend but less so because of my love of lemons.

When I became pregnant, I stopped all sugar intake. Or as much as I could. One thing, of the only four things I could stomach, were strawberries. I would eat strawberries everyday at around 6pm. And my sson would kick up a storm in my belly. It was the wildest thing to see and experience. But I felt a bit guilty having sugar. But I craved the strawberries as opposed to my usual sour proclivities.

Fast forward to this week when I learned that lemons have more sugar than strawberries. Or at least that is what the internet told me. Wild. It is not at all what I expected. I suppose I craved the right thing ten years ago. Go figure. Now onwards to the next weird fact.

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