Yeah, blanching is too much work

I was sitting on my couch thinking of which recorded television show I wanted to watch while trying to ignore the commercials. Then, I chuckled out loud. By the way, can one chuckle in any other manner? A commercial had just played for Ameritrade in which the costumer asks the Ameritrade representative if he just says yes to everything. And he answers ” hm. Well, I say no to kale. Mm. Yeah, they say if you blanch it its better. But that seems like a lot of work.” Hear hear!

First off, I totally agree on the yumminess (or not) of kale. To quote my son, it is not my favorite. Second, blanching seems like too much work for anything. What does blanching accomplish? Third, if you have to manipulate something to the point it becomes something new, why bother with it? You obviously don’t like it. It’s like when people try to tell me how good brussel sprouts can be if you do, X, Y, and Z to it. Nope. Not going to happen. Sure if I cut it up into extremely tiny pueces, put sugar and strawberry syrup on it may be good. But uts very nature and essence will have changed. Actually, that sounds extremely gross but you get my point.

Now, the same applies to people. If in order to like someone, you have to add X, Y, and Z to them, then you really don’t like them you are trying really hard to and it is not real. The question is why try so hard? I don’t need to blanch kale because I like a ton of other foods that are healthy for me that won’t leave a bad taste in my mouth nor will I have to work hard for it to go down more easily. Life is short, I don’t need to blanch kale. And, I don’t need to pretty you up to make you digestible.

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  1. I hate kale. But I love spinach! So, I feel no need to try to like kale or “manipulate” it into something tolerable when I could just have spinach. Love your brilliant analogy to people. So true! If you have to force yourself to like someone and overlook so much to be with them, why bother?

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  2. Hehe i can’t see my Bald Spot in my Selfies but can’t hide it in my Dance Videos for i Spin True who cares if Your Sister wears make-up or not Love everyone like that my Wife wears no
    Make-up either nor
    Will the Mirror or
    me ever tell her she
    Is Not the Fairest
    Of them All or
    Answer any thing
    Less than yes Dear for
    i cannot tell a lie either
    Don’t wanna have to learn
    To Cook.. Wash Clothes do
    Any House Work at all just Dance and Sing And i only
    Agree when she says get THE HeLL the Devil out of her Kitchen no
    One Does it
    Better than her…
    Hey what works works
    Proof in the Porridge
    Of 29 YearS.. hAha..;)


  3. Careful, there… you’re on a VERY slippery slope! 😉
    What about a hamburger? Do you just prefer to gnaw on the leg of a cow in the field? Same goes for chickens… Or scrambled eggs? Do you just eat them raw?
    And have you ever wondered who the first person was who said, “Yeah, drinking something that comes out of another animal’s udder is going to be good.” Or who first decided to eat something that popped out of the back end of a chicken? LOL!

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