He was lying with his posture

He presented himself as a sad, broken man. He sat across from her with his head hanging low with a furrowed brow. Something was wrong but she was convinced it wasn’t a broken spirit. He was lying with his posture. But what was he masking?

Everyone in the circle was bleeding and breathing fire. Running ragged. Running scared. But there was no time to turn back now. They just all had to do their own self-inventory of strengths and which lines they were willing to cross. And yes they were about to cross many. But him, she wouldn’t trust. His posture was too fuzzy for what was coming next.

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  1. Considering NeuroScience Shows
    We Basically We All Hallucinate our
    Realities based on past experiences
    As our Subconcious Minds Direct
    Us First through Emotions that
    Were positive or negative
    In the past as our
    Next is Servant
    to Slave to our Limbic
    System to Navigate what
    Feels Great.. Serotonin increases
    With Great Posture even when we
    Feel Down so a Best Yoga and Mask
    Is to
    Up Straight
    For what Mask we
    Wear In DarK to LiGHT..:)

    My Sister said i didn’t
    Have Friends in ‘Real Life’
    For i ‘NerdBlast’ Folks Too
    Much then i shut my Mouth
    And Danced everywhere and
    Now So Many
    Folks Love
    ‘Sheldon Cooper’
    In Real Life… SMiLes
    ‘We’ Wear Masks to Survive…
    Tears of A Clown not always
    Easy to See Standing Straight..:)


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