How will you handle my shine?

I’m shiny like a newly polished bell

I’m brimming with sparkling confetti

I’m glistening like a golden globe

Incandescence is my middle name

I exude a quiet and loud radiance

You know it

Now you can embrace it

Enhance it

Be enchanted by it

Now you can stand by me

Walk by me

But don’t try to shade me

Your veneer will lose its luster

if you try to scratch mine

Together we can bring glimmering hope

and a a satin truth


6 replies »

  1. Nothing Without Muse
    All Paths Humans Forge
    Each Other Only We no I
    Thank You…
    Thank You All….
    A ‘Bette Midler Song’
    i Believe ‘A Jesus’ Will Sing
    Instead of Go to Hell Dark Muse
    -Sympathy for the Devils-
    ‘The’ ULTiMaTE ‘God’: Agape Love


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