My documentary film binge-watch: Didn’t think it would end like this


I love watching movies. Or rather I should say I used to love movies and then I liked them and now I love them again. I made a very deliberate effort last year to watch, on average, two movies in the theaters each month. Granted, there are some people who watch way more than that. But movies were making a comeback in my life. In college I studied film as a minor. I was a psychology major. I have always been a psychology-oriented person. But movies are what had pointed me in that direction.  Silence of the Lambs had a huge impact on my life.  I loved films and they loved me. Then, we fell out of love with one another. I actually didn’t have much time to catch movies. And, so much seemed of iffy quality. Films like Mall Cop, the Fast and the Furious, Transformers and Baywatch just didn’t do it for me.


Then I had a really horrible year. And then I sought movies out again. And, they didn’t necessarily let me down.


We are just one month into the year and I hope to catch as many films as I did last year. One thing I am doing differently so far this year is catching documentaries.  I have watched three the past two weeks and it seems that these directors want to make sure we know that the world is a bit dark. But that also, hopefully, people will eventually get caught and brought to justice for the wrongs they have wrought.  Everyone wants access and exclusivity. And, many people lead some very fake lives and try to rope us into them. Overall, there is a need for accountability.   That is the word for the past two years, it seems.

I just caught the Netflix movie Fyre: The great party that never happened.   Apparently, this non-party occurred just a few years back. Somehow, I missed all the hoopla. I suppose it is because I am not a young uber-rich millenial who has thousands to blow on traveling to a remote island to catch Blink-182 in concert. I am going to state right away, I don’t think I feel sorry for anyone showcased in this film other than the workers in the Bahamas. Some of the people who were conned and showed up the party ended up urinating on mattresses to steer people away from them. I think that is all I have to say. This movie was about the misuse of influencers and lies of a mega-liar. I cannot believe that some of the people interviewed noted that they didn’t think this was how it would all end.

I also caught the CNN movie called Three Identical Strangers. There was no one you didn’t feel sorry for. Sadly, psychologists come off looking horribly in this documentary about triplet brothers who didn’t grow up with one another and didn’t even know that they others existed until almost adulthood. In the lead up to the film, it was noted that there was no way one could have guessed the twist. Well, it wasn’t all that twisty or nefarious as the trailers wanted you to believe. Although, again, you cannot help but feel sorry for how these people’s lives were grossly manipulated and the pain that they still feel.

I then caught the documentary series called Surviving R. Kelly. And, after watching this series (which I binged watched) I needed a shower. What a horrible, disgusting human being. However, what is very striking to me were the enablers in his life and how so many of them didn’t see coming the hurt, pain, and comeuppance.  I will tell you there are many cringe-worthy moments in which you wonder about all these people and their day-to-day functioning.



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  1. i have Greater Confidence in Reality
    Shows this Year for it is like ‘Granny’
    From the ‘Beverly Hillbillies’ when
    ‘Nancy’ is in the ‘House’ You know
    Who is Really in Charge A Reflection
    Of the HIStory of Humanity my
    Munching Popcorn..;)


  2. Okay, now I have to check out Fyre. And there is so much I have to do today! But, you have pricked my curiosity…I saw Three Identical Strangers as well. Intriguing and sad story.


  3. “You should never underestimate the predictability of stupidity”
    If you can tell me where that movie line comes from, I ll send you one big virtual hug! I can see the Godfather trilogy endless times.. it makes me feel nostalgic and at peace. Michael’s tragedy is everyone’s life.
    Also a begone time.. for moviemaking and society at large. Do you belive (very) nostalgic people are.. mmm not capable of facing the present, or are and just stick to something better? (even if it lays in the past) 😶


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