What is wrong with the pancreas of the world?


I have restarted this post several times trying to find the right words. But this one is hard. And not because of any reason other than I don’t want to sounds like I am being snarky or funny. Because my concern is serious.  Last year four people I knew passed away. Three from aggressive cancers. The fourth died when his heart just decided to stop. I am trying to be upbeat for this year and really focus on the positives all around me. I am in healthcare and understand the cycle of life. Doesn’t make it any easier but I understand. Although, my distaste for cancer is extremely grand. Although, who doesn’t have a distaste for cancer?


Here we are in the second week of January. I just came to find out that a younger individual I worked with in New York died of a cancer that had spread to her pancreas. And, on the same day found out that a network colleague is dying within a few month. He has pancreatic cancer. Two of the people I knew last year who died from cancer died from pancreatic cancer.  I also met someone recently whose younger sister has pancreatic cancer as well. They were all of different ages, races, and gender.  And, none (or most) did not smoke.  What I have been told and what is out there on the web is that pancreatic cancer is hard to diagnose early and it spreads quickly.


I am just left wondering what is going on with the collective state of our pancreas?

Now, the pancreas is an organ that plays an essential role in converting food into fuel for our body’s cells. The pancreas has two main functions: helps in digestion and  regulates blood sugar.


Based on all this, what is involved here: food, the environment, stress, bad genes or …..?  Some research has suggested that excess stomach acid might increase the risk of pancreatic cancer.


There are so many innovative, smart, and dedicated people out there.  I certainly hope that we as a society can keep trying to invest in cancer research: prevention, treatment and cures.  There has to be a way. There just has to be. Right?


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  1. JusT A HuncH NoT MeanT As A
    Pancreatic Pun Perhaps More
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  2. I’m sorry you have lost friends and colleagues.

    This is a reminder to stop challenging my pancreas with so much sugar. I try to stay low-carb, but it’s hard when our new community has such luscious desserts, and there is always ice cream.

    We weren’t designed for so much sugar to process.


  3. You are right – it seems like more and more people are being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer – one has to wonder why. Is it the chemicals in our food? is it caused by a slow-acting virus that has a propensity for the pancreas. It seems to me it used to be such a rare illness, but is becoming alarmingly common.


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