After being stuffed, there is clarity: Ralph Breaks the Internet

This Thanksgiving I went for less. I didn’t feel the need to gorge myself and have 101 different types of pies. Not that I have ever really done that but you get the point. I wanted sinplicity this Thanksgiving as this year has been the total opposite for me. Every facet of my life has been chaotic. I generally do not shy away from chaos but this year was a bit too much. But, I will leave the story for a few weeks from now. I’m still processing things and the year ain’t over. Boy, is it not over. Much more can still happen.

Simplicity on an overstuffed day can be done. But its also about shades of simplicity. I did go out for a Thanksgiving dinner. I did have steak and mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes and pumpkin cheesecake and so forth. But it was way less than usual. But, I still felt stuffed. Very stuffed. I didn’t quite understand why my body felt that way. Nonetheless, I persevered and went to see Ralph Breaks the Internet.

I had not seen the first movie. I did no homework on it beforehand other than to find out whether there was a post-credits scene. There is! And, Stan Lee does have a cameo. Into my 3-D seat I sunk full of food. But throughout the movie I had moments of clarity for myself and the movie followed a similar trajectory.

The movie was fast-paced and stuffed with many subplots (and not all completely addressed) but at the end it reached a heartfelt message moment. A message that friendships can persevere despite different life paths. A message that you have to go big when you have a dream and feel listless. I get it. And, I actually really liked the film despite the last 15 minutes or so of the film which I think could have been better thought out. I thought the film was witty at times and most definitely serves as a mirror on our current society. Will it change the way anyone interacts with social media. More than likely it will not. But it may convince a few people that despite being uncomfortable one should take those steps to become fully realized.

In that sense it is a good Thanksgiving movie. We can and should be grateful for the little things in life and all those who have helped along the way. And, we can also strive for more without feeling guilty or letting our insecurities get the better of us. We can be grateful to our very selves as well for continuing our paths no matter the obstacles and fears.

I was stuffed but also had clarity.

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