Why do we wonder what’s keeping us up at night?!

What else can you sweep under a rug without lifting it up to see what’s under it?
Perchance, how many muddied rugs do you have?

If you have everything to lose why not go for it?
How do you play catch up when you are kept behind the starting line?

Are you still with the people?

Why do you run over so many of them?

Is there truly no time like the present?

But why are we tied down permanently?

Why do we wonder what’s keeping us up at night?

Aren’t we all on 101 types of caffeine intermixed?


We watch netflix till the dawn hours.  I know that I do. We drink coffee to keep us going throughout the day.   I actually stop by 9am.   However, I often have three cups of coffee by that time. We are all wired these days and walking around in a daze. We worry about work, our kids, our families, the state of the economy, healthcare, our pets, our mortgage, putting food on the table, the high cancer rates amongst our friends and acquaintances, exercise, and so on. Just hang in there. Breathe. Regroup.  And find a smoother, clearer path. There must be one


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  1. There is one. I’ve taken it. But you have to be financially solid (ie, work and save during your pre-retirement years, and be lucky not to have too many crises) to be able to afford the rest of your life.

    Even with good planning, we are all a couple of financial disasters away from worry.

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