Camouflaged, sunning, slipper chewing and holding my son’s hand: All in a day’s bounty


My awesome dog Winston just marked his first year anniversary with us. And, we couldn’t be happier. He is quite spirited and makes his needs and wants known.   That most certainly makes our lives easier. And, we are more than happy to give him what he wants. I am of the firm belief that dogs are meant to be spoiled. They provide us with joy, laughs, and unconditional love.  And, for that they should be kings and queens.


Winston is a funny dog as well. He is gray but happy. His gray fur  camouflages him in our front room’s carpet.   I like to joke that we picked him to match our furniture. I find it funny. Some people stare at me wondering if I am being serious. I am joking. We got him because he is awesome. Period.


He loves sunning out in the backyard. If I could I would sun out there with him all day long as well. But I have to work and he needs to spend time indoors to avoid getting over-heated. It is what it must be. But I truly love his love of the sun.  Happiness.


Now, I love shoes. Really love shoes.  And, so does he. In all fairness, he has eaten any of my shoes in the past two months. Progress.


But just as we were hitting the one-year mark of his arrival into our family, I went upstairs to check on my son who had fallen asleep. I like to check up on him for he is just so sweet.  Lo and behold, I come up and there asleep was both my son and my dog. They were holding hands. Beautiful. Heart-warming. Love. And, that is why every boy or girl needs a dog.


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