I am irritatingly amused by individuals who confidently state nonsense



One of the things that amuses me in the workplace, and many things do, is when someone inevitably invokes some nebulous regulation to support whatever wacky thing they want to implement.  Sure. Why not? It seems like everyone is now playing a lawyer. Although, more often than not, they are not playing the part well. And then, there are those lawyers who seem to be playing one themselves in that they become a caricature.  Too abstract?


Let me provide an example. Someone the other day noted to another colleague that the company can’t provide bonuses because the company is a non-profit.  And this individual was quite adamant about this noting that regulations surrounding 501c3 organizations prohibit such use of funds. That is not true. To make matters worse, this same person stated that non-profits cannot be in the black. He stated with a lot of confidence that non-profits are supposed to lose money. That is not true. There are many business books out there that explain how non-profits should make profits.   I am not going to go into this line of thought.  It is not my point.


I am just saddened by individuals who confidently state nonsense.  Well, actually more like irritatingly amused.  And what is worse is that there are people who will listen to such silly people because of the bravado with which they assert their misinformation. Now, some people confidently state things for which they have no true understanding but don’t know they are wrong.   And, then there are those who confidently state such untruths fully knowing those are not correct statements. Both are annoying. Both are idiots. And, both are harmful. I mean we all saw such shenanigans on The Office and how while we at home laughed, those would have been horrible situations in a workplace.


Remember when the character of Creed Bratton stated “you know, a human can go on living seven hours after being decapitated“.   It is that type of statement that gets thrown around with confidence. You are skeptical? Trust me my friend, it happens.


When I am faced with such situations, I at times, call the person out.   It would be too mind-numbing to not do so otherwise. Other times, I just sit right back and watch the conversation play out. the same way that Jim tended to do on The Office.




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  1. It’s the controversy/attention/notoriety that breathes a short life, which successfully allows this type of virus to thrive.
    A fact now has become a blurred stop-over in the journey creating the self.
    Nice call out Mimi – B

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  2. As Science Shows now
    Rationality is a Servant
    To our Feeling Sensing
    Limbic System (HeART)
    And Politicians
    In all the
    Stars and
    They come
    Somehat Separated
    From heART continue
    To Rule Hearts oF
    More than
    Ever now as
    Close and Short
    And Tweet And
    Sour as Twitter Talks..;)

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  3. If someone states something with enough confidence, someone else will believe them. It is easier to follow someone else based on how authoritative they seem than to seek out competing opinions or – horrors – figure it out ourselves. Most humans are intellectually lazy by choice and some by necessity.

    When enough people get together with the same “follower” mindset you have a cult. And sometimes a political force.


  4. “There are those who confidently state such untruths fully knowing those are not correct statements.”

    To which, I reply with certainty …

    “Can’t think right off of anyone who would do such a thing,” I asserted confidently to one and all.


  5. To the person decapitated.. it may seem like they live for several hours afterwards. I’m currently asking for volunteers for my research :). Headless their sense of time goes awry… I remember Dostoyevsky wrote a long bit about this, as he was once headed for the gallows, so hung not headless


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