When you believe the hopes of others



I am a fairly optimistic person. I have had to be. It has been a coping strategy of mine since childhood. Things will get better. They have to. Or so, was my perspective. I shouldn’t say “was” as it make sit seem that I am about to announce I lost my optimistic way of being. I haven’t lost my way.   Although, I may have meandered here or there down a beaten-down path. But I always veer back onto the optimism path. I have to. It is how I cope. And, as far as coping mechanisms go, it is not a bad one. Right? Right!


Even with all this overflowing optimism there are days when I need a boost. There are days when I wonder if things will really get better. As such, I go and ask other people their opinions on the situation(s).  Now here is the funny part of this all. Well, to me. When I ask others and get positive outlooks and forecasts, I get skeptical real fast. I want to hear, in part, how they feel things won’t work out. Weird?   Positive feedback from others doesn’t motivate me as nearly as much as does negative.


Then occasionally I do listen to that positive feedback and buy into it. I guess those are the instances in which I am really hungering for change.   I get ramped up and eagerly await the positive turn of events, Then I become severely depressed (well, that is an exaggeration) when things don’t work out.   And I get annoyed at the positive person. Weird?  I even go beyond annoyed. I may even get a tad bit upset. I start thinking as to why they led me astray.   Then I get annoyed at myself (a little) at believing the hopes of others. My own optimism I can buy into. But that of others?  Well, I need to understand their optimism and whether it is based on an informed context. I am beginning to think I can write up a case study on myself. But I think I rather remain ignorant as to how my mind works. I will stick with my sunny optimism and keep in check my request from others for prognoses.




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  1. Ignorance is
    Bliss When MaGiC is
    ReaL And ‘the Computer’
    From: A REformED
    Spock and Less of what
    Really Counts to:
    Beyond All
    Science MeaSure For All
    Interesting ‘these Days’ just
    Are of Adult Child Altruism…
    Oh.. the ‘little’ PArts we lose….:)


  2. There is nothing wrong with being a pessimist if every time you were wrong you were also pleasantly surprised and change your position. Ships need anchors as well as engines.

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  3. Similar attitudes here. Being positive is the only way I’ve coped with essentially losing my life at 40 – when I became chronically ill. I used what I had left, and homeschooled three kids pre-K through high school. Not what I actually trained for (plasma physics) but a lot better than sitting home feeling sorry for myself.

    And then, in tiny bits over many years, teaching myself to be a novelist. There’s a drive there to achieve, but I’ve had to harness it to different dreams when mine crashed – or crash myself.

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  4. I used to get annoyed with those who were “too perky”. Then, I realized that they are not responsible for my happiness. The blame game has never earned me a cent. Happiness, and sharing, have-even if there are dreary times of penury, now and then.

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