I need two more good things as three is the magic number



They say good things come in threes. Well, they also say that about bad things.   We basically believe in the rule of threes. If a celebrity dies, we think two more will come. Well, I am not too sure we think that. But we most certainly think that after two die. I think, although I have no proof of this, that we believe more so in bad things coming in threes. So, I am not too sure why I started off this writing talking about good things coming in threes.  I suppose that is where my mind is at. But back to this threes thing. It’s probably not true that good or bad things come in threes. It’s just that if you’re really looking for three things you are bound to find them because of confirmation bias and because as, I like to say “if you go looking for trouble, it will find you.” Right? Right!

But back to the power of threes. Did you know that an 18 oz package of Oreos claims to house 15 servings of three cookies each?  Yum. Although, I have to admit, despite me not being a chocolate fan once I eat three Oreos I want more. I suppose I may go for three servings as such.


Anyway, the last few weeks I have had a huge wish list. I hope to sell my house soon. I hope to win the lotto. I hope to finish my book chapter on time. I hope to be assigned a coach from my fellowship who was my top choice and so forth. I was ecstatic when earlier in the week, I received an email advising me that indeed I was paired up with my top choice. I was thrilled and eager.  My palm started to itch. I got excited. An itchy palm means good things are afoot.


I started thinking about whether this could be the start of  a run of good fortune. One down and two more to go? What can I do to make this good-things-come-in-threes come to fruition?  I am certainly still waiting. I am hopeful. But it may very well be silly to be hopeful for two more things to come about.  I may just have to be happy with the one and call it a day. Then if a good thing comes about next week, I suppose I will have to start the clock all over again.

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  1. We sold the house and moved to California, so I’m PROOF it can happen.

    We’re nowhere near ‘settled in,’ and our stuff is putatively on a truck somewhere across the great ol’ USA, but we are here, and I’m going to get in one of the pools today if I have to throw a tantrum.

    The move will happen for you. It has to.


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