It’s been 405 days straight and I hope to keep writing


In California, specifically the southern part, individuals are obsessed with traffic, cars in general, and referring to the highways with a definite article. Everyday we hear how “The 405” is backed up for 20 or more minutes. Numbers are a big deal here in that respect. They hang out in our collective consciousness. Although, punctuality is a thing that seems to exist in some other realm out here. Anyway, numbers have been weighing on my mind lately.


My weight. My age. My son’s age. All numbers stirring up emotions. Although, apparently I am not supposed to care so much about my weight or, rather, I shouldn’t talk about my weight concerns outloud as some consider me thin. Whatever.  Perspective reigns supreme.  Right?


Anyway, numbers. They have been on my mind. And go figure. This particular bit of writing is my 405th post in a row.  Meaning, I have written a post everyday for a little over a year.  And before that, I had written probably for an equally set number of days. That is a lot of writing and I guess I have a lot to say. Or not. I am quite random at times letting my stream of consciousness take a strong hold of me.  As such, of course, I can write and write for days on end. I just do word association with myself and see what topic I come up with and then I hit the keyboard.


Considering my freestyle writing nature, I am curious as to what happenened 405 days ago, Or rather 406 days ago when I skipped a day. The horror! If I calculated correctly that would have been Wednesday, July 19, 2017. I have looked on my personal Google calendar and it is empty for that day. Empty! I have no idea what happened on that day to cause me to skip out on writing. Was I sick? Was I just exhausted? Or had I truly run out of things to write about? It is all a mystery. I will now be consumed with figuring out this day in which my keyboard went dark and stood still.


Despite that mystery, I will focus on continuing to write and regale you all with my random life stories.  It has been fun and it has been challenging at times.  To me, a lot of life is a television show. Or maybe a Broadway play. And there are days when the stage goes dark and everyone rests and rejuvenates. Till that next day of quiet, here I end my post.



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  1. LOL. That sounds like it would make a short story of dark fiction, “The Day the Keyboard was Silent.” A typical day that gets interrupted by dark mystery, international intrigue, close brushes with death, romance, and twists of adventure, but it ends at the 24 hour period where your keyboard returns to writing. I think a case of amnesia has to be in there too.


  2. Keep writing! These daily missives of “seemingly” random thoughts are a welcome wake up call to my day. (Indonesian time zone–your post schedule might be different). I find it hard to believe they are all random as some heavy thought is apparent every few days. Today’s post illustrates my favorite style.


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