You take the fight right to them and then you don’t back down

All my life, I have been fighting for the Davids against the Goliaths. Advocating for people that have been pushed around and intimidated by bullies. There is only one way to prevail – you take the fight right to them. And then you don’t back down.” -Michael Avenatti.


Regardless of one’s thoughts about Mr Avenatti, I don’t think many people can find fault with his logic of taking the fight to them (whoever they are) and not backing down.  Or at least, I don’t find fault with it, I will use “I” statements. When I was younger, way younger, I was a bit shy. I still am. I am what is refered to as an extroverted introvert. Although, I am shy I can be loud. And, by loud I don’t mean in voice volume.  Although, I can project very well which makes me a great presenter if I can brag for a second. I was about to say humblebrag. But there was nothing humble in that last sentence. But, in general I am very humble. Or so I have been told. And, I have mightily digressed as I have very much done in the past but not so much lately. I haven’t had time to digress. Not that I have any more time today than I did yesterday. As a matter of fact, I am pressed for time. So, I should probably get to it then.  For some reason, I just imagined myself saying that in a British accent. I have no idea why. Although, it was more like a Renee Zelwegger-Bridget Jones-British accent.   Oh my. Please forgive me for digressing for a full paragrapgh. I just ate some pear-reisling sorbet and I am afraid I am sugared up.


Let’s go back to fighting. Well, I would prefer to not fight. But despite me being a shy girl growing up, I have grown into being a fierce fighter. I don’t shy away from a righteous fight. I had a great mentor over a decade ago who fought a lot of social justice issues and I learned that is what is needed at times. I always say I won’t necessarily start a fight but I will finish it.


When someone calls you out and they are wrong, you cannot back down. Sure, it is often easier to walk away and not care. But integrity is everything these days. Just a few days ago, someone noted to me that they know for sure I will always be fair and try to do the right thing. I smiled at him and thanked him.   It feels good to know that others know you will try to do what is right. I grew up poor but I always had my word, dignity and smarts. If one can take those three things and blend them together on behalf of others who may need a hand, it is a win for all.

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  1. I found as a child that if you could give a bully a bloody nose, that was the end of it. Bullies are cowards that make themselves feel superior by forcing you into an inferior position. They wouldn’t have picked on you if they didn’t think you were helpless.

    Even a chihuahua can make a bully back down if it is angry enough.


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