There’s 166 days left: Where do we go from here?

I don’t know about you, but this year has just gone by too quickly. I still very clearly remember the 2018 lettering exploding in bright colors on New Year’s eve. Each day since then has been a whirlwind. Each month has passed by without me being able to slow its roll. I know we all think this year after year. We all wonder what has come of each day and where did all the time go.

Today, there is 166 days left to the year. And, I feel the grand need to find my vision board and check in with myself. Don’t know why, but 166 seems important. Today is Nelson Mandela day and if anyone can serve as a role model to realizing its never to late to accomplish major goals, he is it! Perhaps that is why I need to reflect on the year and think through what is to come.

In some ways I do not feel as if I have been as productive as I can normally be. And, according to my zodiac sign that is a major cause of depression. Luckily, I am not there yet. But I truly need to get my act together as I am a known workaholic. But maybe this is the universe telling me that I should think about what I want to be a workaholic about. It doesn’t pay psychologically to give it your all and then some for something lame. And, that is where I am at. What deserves me?

Soon, there will be 30 days left and there needs to be something to show for the year.

But here we are today with 166 days left. That is more than enough time to activate one’s inner power, wisdom, and vision. It is more than enough time to step it up. Mandela went on to become President even after decades of incarceration. That is willpower. That is strength. Find and harness your own.

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