Never had my office lunch stolen: Probably because I never eat

I currently have one of the funniest things in my office. I have a refrigerator. Many of you probably do not find that funny and may even desire one. I didn’t ask for it. Some assumed because I am an executive that I would want a spare fridge in my office. I suppose that I should be grateful as that was a very nice gesture. Well, it was meant to be a nice gesture. And, I am receiving it as such. However. Well, you knew a “however” was coming. However, I hardly ever eat at work. There I said it. And, no I am not unhealthy.

I like big breakfasts. Thus, I often skip lunch. I like eating out or ordering delivery. Thus, I don’t ever tend to bring in food from home. I bring in smoothies and coffee. Leftovers? No. And, as I was watching The Office last night I was laughing at my good fortune of never having had my lunch stolen by a co-worker. It’s good fortune in that I would probably go into lunch rage. And, who wants that? No one, my friend.

But why do people steal their co-workers’ food? Some may do it as a prank. Some may do it because they forgot to bring in their own lunch and are starving. Sone may do it out of kindness to save others the effort of having to work out. Or they could have been fooled themselves into believing a random fax from “the future” telling them they needed to do so (see The Office or 12 Monkeys).

Now, maybe if I had my lunch stolen in the past, I would appreciate having a fridge. But I don’t eat. Now, what could I chill in there instead?

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  1. Lunch rage? i guess I was lucky to never have my lunch stolen either. My vote is stock some cold brew coffee. hmmm, but if someone steals it… you might go into a caffeine deprived rage…. better to order in.


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