What does being a leader or coach have to do with being a futbol fan?

I am going to start off this bit with a universal truth about myself. I love Coca Cola products. And, Coke Zero is by far the best ever. I am an unabashed Cola fan. Many try to dissuade me and cite health facts about drinking water. Blah blah blah, is what I say. I took my son to the Coca Cola museum for his first birthday. Interestingly enough, or rather suprisingly enough, my son doesn’t drink any soda whatsoever.  Despite peer pressure at school and despite the ready supply of soda at home, he hates the taste. Good for him. He likes apple and guava juice as well as water and milk.  I hate the latter. Well, let me rephrase in that my body hates milk.  Back to my cola obsession. I even like their advertisements. I sing along. What can I say?

Well, despite my love of the product I am annoyed by some of their recent packaging. In terms of the name campaign-good luck to me ever finding a coke can with my name on it. Or for that matter, my son’s name.  I search and search like an optimistic idiot for that can with my name.   Which got me thinking of these lyrics:

“I’ve been through the desert on a horse with no name
It felt good to be out of the rain
In the desert you can remember your name
‘Cause there ain’t no one for to give you no pain
La, la”

Don’s ask me why. The song is just buzzing in my head now.


Anyway, there is a new Coke Can marketing campaign that has personal attributes on each can. Such attributes include: leader, coach, friend, teammate and soulmate. All of which are great. I can even see using these cans at a company retreat. For me that would be totally fun. You can have people pick the can that they feel best describes them at work. Or what they aspire to be? Or they can play coke can musical chairs. I mean, the possibilities are endless.


But here is the rub.  Why is futbol fan one such attribute? I assume one can generalize and come up with associated characteristics. But when you hear that phrase which can is not like the others, it most certainly fits this new Coke campaign. I suppose one could play such a game as well. I suppose, nwo that I think about it, soulmate may not be a great work characteristic. Although, there are at times such things as work wives and husbands. But that can definitely get a tad bit weird.


Well, that’s it folks. That is where my brain was at this morning. Onwards, to the next odd thought or two I contemplate and dissect.

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