I just realized how I could be poisoned

Do you ever have really weird insights at the strangest times? Of course you do. We all do. I did so just ten minutes ago. And, of course, I had to sit right down and write about it.

This weekend I watched Isle of Dogs, which I loved. In it, without giving too much away, a character is poisoned. I didn’t realize it then, but that scene struck and stuck with me. Then fast forward to ten minutes ago when I was finishing my workout.

As I finished up, it hit me. I realized how someone could, if they wanted to, poison me. It is obvious to anyone who knows me really well. Or rather, anyone who has been around me for several hours in a row. But I won’t share. That would just be too weird.

No. The insight I have to share is that I had even had such a weird thought and it seemed reasonable to consider and think through. We all have haters. Some of those haters even dream of causing one harm. Now would those haters actually try to harm one? More often than not, the answer would be “no”. However, it is rather odd that there are so many ways in which we are very vulnerable and susceptible to possible poisoning. Morbid much? Yes. Many of us like set routines, always take the same path and so forth. We set ourselves up for such a scenario.

Now, besides my horror at figuring out a poisoning vulnerability, I had a great chuckle. I had to laugh at the ridiculousness of my thoughts. That is, until I realized that indeed anything is poasible these days.

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  1. Think about it. Anyone can kill just about anyone else at any time. You’d have to go into hiding or get a full time security detail to avoid it and even then, the only reason Reagan wasn’t assassinated was because Hinckley was a bad shot. It is very difficult indeed to prevent a murder and a majority of murderers are never convicted for it.

    So be afraid. Be very afraid. Make someone angry and you could be next! 🙂


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