When is now?


Everything was just a bit fuzzy.  She rubbed her eyes and rubbed them some more.   She undid the rope with which she was tied and she sat up on the table.


She looked around wondering where was everyone. She had an odd sense of also needing to know when it was. Last she knew, it had been the year 2010 and she was possibly sick. Or at least that was what everyone told her.  As she looked around, it all looked decrepit and smelled stale.


She made her way outside and the sky was dark. It was all quiet but there was a sense of something sinister in the air.  She walked the lonely streets and it didn’t hit her, till she saw approximately 20 pairs of eyes staring out at her, that there were no street lights whatsoever. She heard snarls and hisses. She pulled out the remaining needles in her arms and ran as fast as her wobbly legs could take her.   She ran into another building and locked herself in.  She walked around till she came across what seemed liked a library door. She opened it and they all stared at her with scared grins.


“Welcome commander. What’s left of the world has been waiting for you.”



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